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Espresso Machines

So Good Coffee sells and installs Rancilio and Egro espresso machines.  We carry a full range of products that will surely meet your businesses needs.  Let us help you serve the best coffee drinks to your customers.

Glenn Allen, Owner of So Good Coffee, is Certified for: Sales, Service and Installation.
For more information about products and services, please contact us
For product demonstrations or sales, please contact Glenn Allen (231) 392-6609 or Glenn@sogoodcoffee.com

Class 9 Tall

Rancilio has designed Classe 9 TALL for all coffee-based beverages that require large cups/glasses.
The work surface is set at a lower level than on the standard model, allowing glasses up to
5.7 inch (14.5 cm) in height to be used. The TALL model can also be used to dispense Italian
espresso, thanks to the removable plate that allows cups to be placed the correct distance from the group.
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Fully Automatic Machines

Egro Coffee Systems has developed its business over the past seventy
years by specializing in fully-automatic coffee machines. Egro's
business and corporate mission is to put our passion to the forefont and
provide customized products with excellent serving performance that
produce the finest quality coffee and milk beverages.

Mavea Purity C Water Purifier
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Rancilio Lab
XCELSIUS - Click here for additional details

Xcelsius is the newest patented temperature control technology from the Rancilio LAB. The key features of the system are the unique water system with double-phase heating, the architecture of the brew group and innovative control electronics.

The system is protected by 2 international patents and has been developed in conjunction with the prestigious Polytechnic in Turin, which is one of Europe's leading universities.Rancilio has dedicated over 3 years to developing this system with a special team of designers in the R&D division: this is clearly a very important and strategic project for the company.

With Xcelsius you can easily adjust and guarantee the stability and the precision of the coffee brewing temperature in any situation. Xcelsius features elements that are profoundly innovative and different: in fact, Xcelsius has been developed to be flexible and dynamic. This is something completely new and means that is it possible to extract coffee and dynamically change the temperature of the water DURING the extraction process, which is known as TEMPERATURE PROFILING.

This a new frontier for coffee machines, and enables us to explore completely new sensorial possibilities: the temperature of the water used when extracting coffee is one of the main parameters that influences the result in the cup in terms of taste, so it follows that if you vary the temperature in a controlled manner during extraction you can enhance or conceal the various aromas of an individual blend of coffee.

iSTEAM - Click here for additional details

This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact cream is obtained. The innovative water system makes it the fastest and most powerful steam wand on the market (500 cc from 10°C to 65°C in 30 seconds).

Two program selection buttons: "Cappuccino", to heat and froth the milk, or "Latte", to heat the milk only. The smart electronic control system injects air according to the quantity of milk present in the pitcher, giving constant quality time after time. When the programmed temperature is reached, the iSteam stops automatically. The user can set the final temperature of the drink and the quantity of air to be emulsified for both programs. The special stainless steel covering is heat-insulated to make it cool to the touch and extremely easy to clean.

Available for Classe 10 and Classe 9.

C-LEVER - Click here for additional details

The ergonomic steam wand have a valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is complete with open-stay and open-close functions. The valve has a very short travel distance, and is operated by rotating it just 25°.

Turning it upwards, it opens and remains in this position. Turned downwards, it automatically closes when released. Rapidity, precision and ergonomics: maximum user comfort for daily tasks.

4-TEA - Click here for additional details

The hot-water temperature control system for tea, has four different temperatures and programmable dosages. Hot and cold water are mixed electronically to obtain the right temperature for your menu, and stop automatically when the programmed dosage has been reached. The standard setting has four different dispensing modes:
- T0 about 95°C, suitable for Indian Black Tea
- T1 about 85°C, suitable for Herbal/Fruit tisanes
- T2 about 70°C, suitable for Chinese/Taiwanese Green Tea
- T3 about 60°C, suitable for Japanese Green Tea.
Both the temperature and the quantity of water can be programmed for each setting mode using the software, without needing to open the machine.
Standard on Classe 10 USB.

ABM07 (Advanced Boiler Management) - Click here for additional details

The ABM07 function allows electronic control of the boiler and water system. A specifically designed software system improves the performance of the machine by switching on the heating element when simultaneously brewing espresso, dispensing water and steaming milk. The machine will stabilize temperature, anticipating usage. The new version features a control that immediately and effectively senses pressure fluctuation.
For locations with low power availability, the electronics can be adjusted to reduce power absorption to 2/3 of normal value.

V-FLEX - Click here for additional details

PLUG & BREW - Click here for additional details

Installing a Rancilio machine has never been quicker or easier. Dosages and the main functions of the machine can be programmed immediately.
Even machines without a display feature allow you to adjust the temperature externally, thanks to a new function that allows boiler pressure to be varied from the control buttons.
Standard on all new Classe 6 E versions.

EASY CLEAN - Click here for additional details

An automatic washing program makes evening cleaning of the groups quick and easy.
Washing operations are guided step by step.

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